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Youth Strength

4 Star's Youth and Team training options provide a structured environment for young athletes to safely and correctly learn and execute not only the Olympic lifts but also the classical lifts and other accessories movements used in common S&C facilities.

This training environment will give young individuals a great knowledge base around the weight room helping them as they transition to high school teams or college. Even if not playing sports it helps develop confidence in ones abilities in a gym encouraging a healthy and fit lifestyle for themselves. 


(7-12 yr old)
Learning and growing both mentally and physically

Training at 4 Star Strength as a Youth Athlete during the summer Youth program introduces athletes aged 7-12 to the Olympic lifts, Traditional lifts, and accessory movements. Young lifters will learn key training principles like technique as well as load management, tracking their training and discipline in movement. 

Starting July 1st and going until August 9th every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 10-11am, the Summer youth program is designed to teach in an encouraging environment of their peers the basics to where if during the school year the young athletes can train during normal training hours in the gym continuing their training journey. Click the link below to read and get more details as well as sign up for the session

Sports Team Training Programs

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