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Lift with 4 Star

All levels are welcome at 4 Star. We train 9 year old's to 65 year old's. Everyone with no experience starts with our "Learn to Lift" Program and after that heads into our programmed gym membership. One unique fact about 4 Star is that Coach Matt has been remote coaching since 2012 and is one of the few senior coaches that specializes in remote coaching working with athletes across the country as well as continents.

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drop ins are welcome please just contact us ahead and are $20


Learn to Lift


This course series is 4 parts long and goes over all elements of the barbell for beginners. All athletes looking to better learn the Olympic lifts are welcome to take this course. During this course you will learn under the guidance of Coaches in how to correctly, and safely, perform the lifts. Starting at the beginning of just basic squat mechanics athletes can expect to learn piece by piece the Snatch, the Clean & Jerk, Back and Front squats as well as accessory movements for any inherent movement flaws they may have. Each class is on average an hour to and hour and a half. 

Gym Program


Athletes looking to train at 4 Star in one of the limited spots we have can get started with this entry level programming. Programming is created by head Coach Adamcheck and distributed via the Train Heroic App.


Athlete will receive full coaching at 4 Star with coaches as well as any modifications to movement they need. The programming is based off the "overall needs" of the members and what we feel the focus needs to be on. 


Remote Programming

$150 / $170

Athletes looking to train under the watchful and experienced eyes of a 4 Star coach but live away from the gym that doesnt allow frequent visits can rejoice with this option!

Programming that is custom for their location and availability, this package allows them to get coaching from afar as if they were right here at the gym. Video sent and responded to each week allowing great coach and athlete feedback loops make for quick learning. Athletes within a distance allowing the $170 package will allow for weekly drop in at a huge discount for in person coaching with their teammates!

Custom Programming


This package is full membership allowing athletes custom programming to their catered needs as well as full access to the gym whenever it is open. This package is invite only by the facility/coaching team.

Athletes looking to truly excel into the next level of training for competition, those looking for 5 days of training, double training days, specialized or localized training plans (major injury recovery, weight loss, and pure strength) would benefit from this package and may inquire with a coach.

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Technique Sessions

Individual Session $85

Package of 4 $272

Perfect for quick tune ups or those in the area for an extended stay, our Technique sessions are fantastic for getting the focused work in on your Olympic lifting.

Schedule a session (hour to hour and a half) with either Coach Matt or Coach Tracy and work with seasoned experts in the sport. Directly addressing areas you need improvement or just a more watchful eye this is perfect for everyone from athletes trying to improve their training to the most active lifters.

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