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30942 Industrial Rd. Livonia MI, 48150


Champion Mindset Seminar w/ Dr. Novetsky


Is working on your mental game one of your training goals for 2020?

Join 4STAR Strength as we host Dr. Jason Novetsky - Owner of Championship Mindset Group (https://www.champmindset.com). Dr. Novetsky is a sport and performance psychology coach that teaches athletes how to become mentally skilled in order to elevate their training quality and performance to an elite (or next) level.

Dr. Novetsky will take attendees through a packed 75 min seminar covering the fundamentals of becoming a mentally prepared athlete and how to form a plan to improve your mental game. He will share strategies that athletes, coaches, and parents of young athletes can start to implement including:

  • how to handle pressure

  • managing attention and focus in training and competition

  • mental preparation for competition or a performance event

  • sustaining a positive focus during practice and competition

  • how to use of routines and skills to recognize and recover from adversity

Athletes from ALL sports and coaches can benefit from this seminar and learn how to become better when challenges present themselves!

We will be starting promptly at 9:30 so please be on time and bring pen and paper for note taking.

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