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Want us to come to you?

4 Star Strength's Coaching Team is invested in the growth and interest of our sport. Olympic weightlifting being taught and educated on is a sure way to ensure our sports bright future.

Work with us today to have us come out and work with your athletes or your team to develop a stronger understanding of the movements as well as correctional cuing and flaw identification.


Snatch / CJ

Work with Coaches on the proper setups, extensions, and turnovers / catches of both lifts. Coaches in a Clinic setting will go over the fundamental movement patterns for the lift as well as instruct and implement skills and drills looking for continued movement improvements.

If you are looking to have the Coaching Staff come out to your facility and instruct a large class of athletes to better their understanding and movement overall this is for you!

Cost: $300 for 2.5-3 hours


Coaching Coaches Workshop

Looking to have your coaching team get some specialized experiences in instructing the lifts in either small or large group settings? During this workshop coaches will instruct and demonstrate how to identify flaw, make corrections, and teach progressions on the lifts. Great for team education and or sharpening their already existing skills

Cost: $300 for 3 hours


Virtual Education

Unable to train with us or have the time to frequent our gym? We have taught many courses on weightlifting remotely and were some of the first to do large programs remotely. From learning basic programming to advanced, addressing movement progressions, and learning how to spot movement errors this option is for the coach or athlete looking to really open the book on olympic weightlifting. Each "education" pack is 4, two hour sessions of virtual web learning with the coach in real time.

Cost: $400 for

entire course

(5 weeks)

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