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4 Star Strength 
Quality over Quantity

4 Star Strength is Michigan's original ONLY Olympic Weightlifting gym. Since the beginning Coach Matt has committed himself to the development and growth of the sport by instructing the Olympic lifts for quality over quantity.

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Experience matters

4 Star Strength is for lifters by lifters. The Coaches are athletes in the sport competing regularly truly knowing what it feels like to experience the ups and downs of training and competition. They train regularly challenging themselves as well as continue to educate themselves in the sport.

"To do is to be"


The Olympic Weightlifting Facility


The Coaches

We take the term "Coach" seriously at 4 Star. Every Coach has been through an arduous learning process under Coach Matt as well as formal training in knowing concepts of program design and theory, movement flaw identification and correction, biomechanics and anatomy, and understanding the sports psychological demands and how to work with athletes at different levels through the ups and downs of the sport.


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