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take your weightlifting game to a new level

Athletic development is something coaches and athletes alike look for their whole careers. wouldn't it be nice to have an experienced coach at your fingertips while you learn an involved and detailed approach to programming and athletic development?
the task force is designed to do just that!
for 6 weeks you will dive into weightlifting's details once a week with a team to further your athletic and coaching endeavors.
throughout this course you will work on, practice, and learn
  • movement identification
  • flaws and corrections
  • in depth program design
  • weightlifting theory
  • long term athlete development 
Each Task Force that starts up flows for 6 weeks meeting on a video software called zoom. we will work within our group each week to learn, practice, and develop (yes homework + quizzes) furthering our athletic and coaching careers. Each class will be between 1.5 to 2 hours.
Each course has only 6 slots and is limited.
***there are no new courses planned currently***



all athletes and coaches - knowledge is power and the more you understand the sport and its intricicies the higher chance of success you will have


6 weeks of course work meeting once a week for 1.5 to 2 hours we will develop from identifying good and bad movement to programming long term plans for athletes and everything in between.


the course will meet every Thursday at 9pm est (albeit travel or competitions where it will be adjusted to another time/day)


All information will be put out on a private Facebook group and meetings conducted on a program called "zoom" that you can access on any computer with internet.

  • attending sessions over mobile while is doable it is not advised as video review tends to not go smooth

how much?

250$ for the complete course - a great value when compared to the amount of experience, knowledge, and networking you will get out of this course. this course covers more than any other program or course currently offered out there.

task force: perigrine

date coming soon!

click here to get 1 of the 6 limited slots available! 

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