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This program is designed to allow athletes to isolate the snatch for a 4 week period and work specificly on it. It does NOT go heavy very often and is meant to be a guide to help work on certain aspects such as balance, overhead patience, and pulling positioning. The cycle also has integrated accessory movements added in to also help strengthening the body for snatches. 

Feel free to integrate into your programming or use as a standalone program!


Bob "No Mercy" Morris is one of the most well known Olympic Weightlfitng coaches in the United States. After being an assistant coach at the Olympic Training center for 8 year and coaching the sport for 35 Bob continues to program for athletes around the country while also assisting in coaching Team 4 Star. 


This Squat program is for athletes familiar to squatting with "real" 1 rep maxes on both back and front squat. The program is 13 weeks long and you will squat three times a week. This program is designed to be integrated into a traditional weightlifting program but we do ask be careful when implementing it instead of just using it as a stand alone program template. 


Please feel free to share!

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