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Stop crying over spilled milk in the gym

Updated: May 29, 2019

I'm sure to take some heat over this one and to that I actually say good...

***I will also not that as I am new to blogs that I have come back and edited it because a few people took some things wrong and not how I intended them.***

Bring the heat because as a facility owner, head coach, and someone who has 90+ individuals representing what myself and my coaching staff stand for I stand by this when I say that crying INSIDE the gym is absurd and rude and it's a trend we are seeing more of and it needs to stop. Take a second, step away and out of the training environment and maybe go outside and collect yourself then re-enter ready to go again

Now before you get all "But that's how some people express themselves!" on me I state these following situations where crying is acceptable.

1. You severely hurt yourself during training

2. You are frustrated in training and it's gonna happen BUT dont make a scene and remove yourself from the environment. - take a walk, step into the bathroom, phone a friend lol just dont destroy the vibe you yourself depends on for your own lifting on good days.


First off - when addressing the "You hurt yourself during trianing" we simply will just use the example of "the boy who cried wolf" and ill leave that there...

As a gym owner and club head, and also as someone who is directly reflected by his athletes when we go to meets or they work with other coaches I cannot express that I would like to be represented that same way you expect myself and the coaching team wants to be reflected...

Good coaching teams work hard and alot of it is thankless work. We love what we do so we rarely complain. We represent you how you want us to so why would you go into the gym or a meet and act a god damn fool.

Lets tell a TRUE story... I literally have to say true because this was that adsurd.

We were at Junior Nationals and an athlete in the session next to us missed their last two lifts (or bombed... to be blunt doesnt matter) and literally starts walking around waving their arms to the side WAILING at the top of her lungs. I kid you not they walked around like that balling her eyes out and our athletes session was going on as well as a ton of other athletes because she was in the middle of an active session...again, crying is going to happen but its how you

- I could not imagine being coach and assure you that coach was most likely hiding not wanting to be associated with that at all.

So what brought this all up? Yes we have our fair share of crying in my gym and to be blunt ive said multiple times that while it does "happen" it needs to be managed... its very easy to step outside, go in your car, or even head to the bathroom to recollect yourself. I am not a hardass that doesnt understand frustration and discomfort but I will to keep the great vibe of the gym grooving tell someone to get their preverbial "shit together" and step out.

When you are in the gym and training remember to not just think about yourself. This topic actually stemmed from me talking to some athletes and other coaches as well. Suprisingly i found many coaches dont address it and let it happen because they dont know how to. It honestly comes down to good sportsmanship and common courtesy in my opinion.

Example: Athlete A comes in and is training a pretty hard day and Athlete B loses his/her shit and starts spazzing out and or crying... the environment of the gym is now uncomfortable and odd and affects the training space thus also affecting the athletes performance as well.

- now heres the funny thing

Example 2: Athlete A after that session loves to say "OMG i cant believe Athlete B did that blah blah" then they themselves has a shitty session and cries all over the gym.

Hypocrisy anybody? The point is that had the "COMMON KNOWLEDGE" be if you are going to cry or that frustrated you need to know to just simply leave the space until you have your shit together again. Coaches, this is something we need to do a better job of in letting people know what is expected as well in our training spaces and gyms, or even when we go to competition.

There will ALWAYS be bad days and those are the days that define us... I would like to think my athletes do not define themselves in a puddle of tears over their 80% doubles as beginner level lifters.

- Coach

The following is just awesome so enjoy...

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