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Learning from our misses

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

When we miss in weightlifting it probably makes the most sense to throw a fit and toss your gear all over the gym and yell "F*ck!"...

I'm kidding obviously, but most of you reading that probably just were like "yeppp that's me" in your head or maybe even out loud.

Listen, missing happens in this sport. It's a part of it. And while your goal as an athlete should be to miss as little as possible obviously, it is like every other sport--it happens.

Soccer players at the top level mess up and miss the net, basketball players toss the ball when trying to make a pass, and race car drivers even mess up when attempting to pass others...messing up happens!

When you miss though it is what you and your coach do after that miss that determines how the future is going to pan out and as far as I see it it's like taking a fork in the road.

You have the choice on one side to ingest, register the miss, try to find out why you missed, and then re attempt making the best attempt at correction you can.


Freak the fuck out, yell, and get panicked shallow breathing, start running down the rabbit hole of excuses as to why you missed, sit for 2 min brooding over the miss and then most likely go ahead and miss the lift again...

Which one sounds like the common sense answer? We all know the truth and sometimes we don't know how to calmly asses situations when the stress is on. That is fine, and takes time. BUT trust me when I say with the experience I have is this: the sooner you learn to LEARN from your misses and mistakes rather than punish yourself (and your coach) from them, the better off you are going to be.

Happy Lifting!

- Coach Matt

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