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Hunting for that perfect rehab

We’ve all been there if we are athletes and even some good coaches have felt the frustration of feeling “lost in the woods” searching for the right rehab.

Rehab protocols for athletes and their injuries are a dime a dozen and as I say to my athletes all the time “I don’t care if it’s the “eat magical Cat crap” protocol we’re going to be open to all things”.

Unfortunately everyone really IS a special snowflake when it comes to taking care of themselves and coaches and athletes should take that type of approach to really do the best they can.

The problem I often see is that athletes and coaches (including a younger and less patient me) are impatient as F*CK and don’t want to not only wait on one long enough to see if there is an effect (physiological or psychological) from the protocol or find something new and exciting maybe someone else got treatment with and immediately hop off their current “trail” to rehab.

I had a long conversation with an extremely strong and potentially 😉 talented youth male athlete I coach last night and we discussed this. He was frustrated hearing 19 different things from 29 different people and being told to do this and that and then to stop doing one thing and start another... this isn’t only him... it’s something I’ve had to work with from my most elite athlete to my beginner.

- Seeking professional opinions of what your problem may be WILL result in different opinions... that’s what they are though... opinions

It’s not the trail we necessarily choose for rehab but actually sticking to it long enough to see if it’s working or not... doing an exercise or activation twice one week and being annoyed it didn’t work is kindaaaa just silly 🙃 You wouldn’t expect that response in most other areas of life so why is fixing a highly complex organisms movement patterns, joints, and muscle tissues warranting an “instant fix response 🥴”

When people hunt the find a track and then follow it... if each time they found another trail they just said “I’m going to follow this one now” they actually decrease their chances of finding something at all and increase their chances to actually not learn anything from the experience either tracking that particular animal.

The moral of the story here and what I hope you take away folks is that you take your rehab and follow one path long enough to TRULY see if it is going to help you or not... like lifting, this shit takes time!

Good luck to all and hope you all got something out of this 🤙

- Coach

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